Tuesday, October 7, 2014


What a wonderful feeling to welcome a baby girl? I still remember the moments of holding my first baby girl and  my second one for the first time in my arms..  Those lovely smiles, I can never forget.. I was so proud to be the mother of a baby girl... 

But unfortunately this is not always the case, for most part of the world from developed countries to under developed countries a girl child is unwanted.. I recall a casual conversation at work after i had my second girl, "Are you going for another one?". I was like Why would i go for another one when i have two.. Spot came the answer -- "To have a boy".. Why does it become so important to have a boy.. At that time it definitely made me laugh..  Please don't tell me its only people who are illiterate show such a disparity.. I know of many literate people wanting a male child.. Was told by a close friend that she wants a boy because its very expensive to have a girl..  I asked her why she said that.. Her reason, so i don't have to give dowry.. I told her that definitely cant be the reason because dowry is non-prevalent.. She had a big smile at me and said still its the duty of the girl's parents to give something to the boy's family, give whatever name you want to it..  another interesting reason -- a boy takes over the family inheritances.. Sometimes it happens so like i don't know how to react to these reasoning..  What have we done to the society? We have created a phobia for girl child.. 

In india, our sacred scriptures say girl is Shakti (Power), she is lucky and she is called the mother goddess.. When she has such a high position in the religious scriptures, i do not understand why she is unwanted for the people who read these scriptures.  We read devi bhagavatam all nine days of navratri but what did we learn? nothing. 

Soceity needs the awareness.. Instead of going to a shakti temple, just once think how you treat your girl child or how your neighbors are treating theirs.. Protect one child atleast.. Goddess doesnt reside in temples, she resides in the smiles of children.. Laws can be made for gender equality and woman empowerment.. hundreds of articles can be written on blogs.. unless the soceity realises the worth of a girl child nothing will happen against gender equality or woman empowerment or violence against woman.. 

Just for once look at the sweet smile of a child.. be it a boy or a girl its a gift of god.. A girl child is a blessing to the family, she is the future mother, lets not destroy a mother....

                LETS SAVE THE GIRL CHILD

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Call of the future

The inspiration of this topic is a program which I saw on TV. I was about how the kids who stay out of school get spoilt. The worst surprise I had is that these kids use Erasex which all of use to erase words as a drug. This drug is cheaper to all the other drugs and easily available. Doctors say that if the kids use drugs of any kind it affects their brain and nervous systems and its easy for them to become drug addicts. Once addicted, they do anything to get the money to get the drugs. So these kids are our future criminals.
These kids were left out on the streets to tend for themselves by irresponsible parents. This is the age for them to be in school enjoying the childhood life. Many of us often think back and say if I was a child. But these children when they become adults wouldn’t say the same as we do. Children are most wonderful gifts of god. Their one smile makes us forget all the pain and worry. And what are we giving those lovely angels in return. As long as child labor exists we will have more and more street kids. Its time our lawmakers give a serious thought about child labor laws. If not very soon our country is sure to have many more criminals between the age of 17 to 21.
None of the laws will work as long as we don’t give a thought about it. When bringing a child to this world, they have to give a thought if they cannot raise a child then they have no right to bring a baby to this world. And also people should stop hiring children to make more profits with cheap labor.
John F Kennedy said “A child miseducated is a child lost”. That means these lost children are all our lost future citizens. The seeds we sow today are going to be the fruits of tomorrow. So for a better tomorrow lets all work to make a better today for our little fellow countrymen.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Troubles of Women

India, is one of the largest democracies in the world today. We have made lot of economic and social progress. Today we have a woman president, a woman speaker and one of the largest political party is being led by a woman. Good to hear all that aint it. Even after all this progress, are women free? Still we are seeing many atrocities against women. Still we have female infanticide very much prevalent. Our parliament is shouting against an Indian Teleserial ‘ Balika Vadhu’ but do these same people know how many balika vadus are still there in the society around them. The first thing that surprised was to see Sharad Yadav talk against balika vadhu. If my memory is not shadowed up, I think this was the same person who said once upon a time that he would consume poison if the women’s bill is passed. Why don’t our politicians step out of the four walls of pariliament to see on the streets of urban and rural India to see how woman are being treated. If I am not wrong everyday our daily newspapers carry atleast one news article about rape. Everyday girls go missing. Yesterday on TV I saw a news report about how a woman was burnt to death by her husband and mother-in-law. There are so many surveys showing that the crime against women is on the high. Gender disparities, I guess it’s a huge topic on its own. Every profession shows many examples of gender disparities. From the profession of movie directors to the army officers, everywhere the number of women is low. Why because we have a general statement – “women are weak and they cannot be subjected to harsh conditions”.

Have we forgotten the quote of Mahatma here –

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
--Mahatma Gandhi

I think the women of my country have tons of indomitable will.
In Ancient India woman were treated with great honor. She was potrayed as a goddess. But during the medieval time she was pushed down to the level of a slave. She was merely just like a thing. And in modern times, inspite of so much education and advancement in thinking, she is still fighting to be relieved from the clutches. How strange is the journey of woman. But she is undettered in fighting for her rightfull status. Every man should realize that whatever he is today, started with the first teachings of his mother, who is a woman. Hopefully the women’s bill gets passed. And the good things come to us.

My fellow women of India, lets stand by this quote

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
--Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where is god? Who is god?

Where is god? Who is god? Has anybody seen him/her.. Isnt this the major question which has no answer before the human race. Where is god? Speaking spiritually he is in all of us, he is in every thing around us.
I have heard many arguments about temple, some have deep spiritual sense and some out of sheer ignorance. One such argument is this and this one was definitely interesting, If you look at the structure of a hindu temple, the main deity is situated in the inner quarters. Compare the temple to a human physical form, god resides in the inner quarters of a human. What is the name of the god , it’s the human soul. The human soul is believed to be at its purest form. Its totally untouched by anything. It is totally free. I have heard death feels like a passing phase and its for the first few minutes of leaving the human form, soul struggles to come to terms with the reality that it never belonged to the human physical form it took. It was just a passing phase of its karmic cycle.
I am not an atheist nor a theist because I haven’t found an argument that would completely make me believe that there is no god or also I haven’t found the vice versa. This is an interesting question. I am sure its in many minds. Any thoughts ??

Monday, June 29, 2009

What are we doing to preserve our history

The inspiration of this post comes from an article which I read on the internet about the purification of Ganga Project taken up by Indian government. But are we seeing the purified Ganga ? I am sure many would second me on saying “NO”. Don’t we need to do something about preservation of such rivers which hold highest importance in history and in our lives. Another great example which we can all recall is preservation of the great Taj. Have we ever thought “what are we doing”.
In our modern day life, we give more importance to economic development rather than history. But what we all have forgetten is our present is tomorrow’s history. As much as we neglect our history, that much will our future generation neglect our present which is their history. I am sure many of my fellow country men and women wouldn’t have even told their children about who Mahatma Gandhi is. Do you all think we are doing the right thing.. I definitely don’t think we are. Many temples and historically important places are getting destroyed. Our Archeological department is doing nothing to preserve them. Imagine in 50 years from today, all those would be part of the dust. We are so much busy with other things that we find very less time for our history. I definitely wouldn’t say we should live in history without going towards the path of progress. But progress doesn’t mean changing our own self. We do have an identity that needs to be preserved. Being universal is not bad.
I have been living in the United States for seven years now. I have been astonished to see how these people preserve their history. Its not only about USA, countries like Canada, UK, Germany, Australia etc are doing the same thing. Definitely these countries do not have as much years of history compared to our thousands of years of history. So do we mean to say they are living in history.
I definitely think our future generations need to know about the great history which I know today. I definitely hope that doesn’t fade from the face of earth with time.

Making a start

This is my first post for my own blog. Its exciting to write the post but also i am a little frightened about the comments i might get.

I am a great believer in the vision of Mahatma. I quote, he said "As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it", Keeping that in mind i am starting my first blog. Hopefully i would get to know many new things unknown to me by exchanging ideas with people and will definitely want to make a useful change to myself and to the soceity by contributing my ideas.